Business or Self Employed?

On the topic of looking for ways to increase your income, I want to encourage you to focus on identifying a narrow and deep niche on a topic you can get passionate about and list your personal attributes. If you are going to start working towards generating extra income you need to get clear about your […]

Are YOUR Finances All Screwed up???

It would not surprise me if almost every ‘bloke’ has an ice-cream container full of bits and pieces in his garage or shed. It’ll have some screws, maybe some nails, an assortment of nuts and bolts, some washers and various other bits and pieces in it, and they’ll be all mixed up in a shambles. […]

Goodbye Money Stress

How would you feel if you could get rid of your money worries once and for all? No more tossing and turning at night for hours on end. Instead, you could start waking up with a big smile on your face – knowing all of your bills and expenses for the next twelve months are […]