I will never be out of work again

“I attended the course at the Spending Planners Institute after making the decision to start a career helping people with their money. I have been using the software for over 2 years now and have never looked back. I have felt the need to pass on the same joy to others that I experienced myself by using the program so when I found out about this course I enrolled straight away.

The course was very structured, yet jam packed with useful information that equipped me with everything I needed to walk out on the last day ready to take my first client and hit the ground running.

From having no prior business experience to having all the tools needed to run a successful business was a great incentive for me to make the investment and I’m so glad I did. I gained 7 clients in my first 5 weeks and with the demand by Aussies to seek financial assistance, who would benefit greatly with this program, ensures I will never be out of work again.

Helping people and earning great money at the same time is my idea of a perfect job.”

– Morgan Alberts, Springfield Lakes, QLD

She saved our family from financial ruin …

“As a Certified Spending Planner I can highly recommend the Certification Training.

It encompasses training on aspects of running a successful business, teaching on the software and inspiring speakers.

David Wright, founder of the Spending Planners Institute, an inspiring speaker, will give you the tools and expertise required to move forward in your Spending Planner business.

My client testimonials, I believe, speak for themselves…

“I had a great budget but it always seemed to lack something that I couldn’t put my finger on.  When Carolyn introduced me to the Spending Plan I realised what was missing. I now have a plan that clearly shows me the future and a gps navigation system to get me there.”  Carolyn’s patience, time, and constant encouragement is highly valued by both myself and my wife.” Tony & Joan

“Carolyn is fantastic. In short, she saved our family from financial ruin. She went above and beyond to guide us to making wise financial decisions. Carolyn is non-judgemental and has a heart for people.” Krystle & Jason”

– Carolyn Moes, Brisbane, QLD

I built my business really quickly …

“I had been considering the Spending Planner Business for some time. After trying lots of different things I wanted to make sure this was the right move for me.

I wanted a business that could make me a good income while still being able to travel. Most importantly my new business had to be something that helps people and that I actually liked doing. I decided the Spending Planner Business was all of these things!

I could see from the start that it would be easy to repay my investment and make profit! The training provided me with everything I needed to get started. Some things pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit but I can see that is necessary if I wanted to improve. The other Spending Planners are such a fantastic community and always there to help if I needed anything. I’m so glad I’m not on my own.

I built my business really quickly and was able to achieve my real goal of profit and helping people in my first month!”

– Tonia Thielmann, QLD

In our first month we have completed 7 sales …

“We were looking for a solution to a gap we had in our business model. I had been searching for at least 6 months for the right solution when Spending Planners was introduced to me by a friend who had been using it for years and loved it.

After speaking with David a few times I was sold, this was exactly what we had been looking for.

I currently have one Associate Spending Planner  and a Business Development Manager and within the next six months I hope to have to more Associate Spending Planners.

In our first month we have completed 7 sales and we haven’t even properly launched the program. The support from David and Jennie has been fantastic, and I’m looking forward to where Spending Planners will take my business.”

– Bree Handyside, QLD 

The training is excellent …

“I am a bookkeeper that wanted to modify my business and look at different ways that I could help others with their finances. I was in a position myself that needed help with money.

I received an email from the Spending Planners Institute that seemed to offer the things I was looking for.

I made the decision to join the Institute and attend the training. The training is excellent and covers all aspects of starting and running a Spending Planner business of my own. The trainers are so proficient in what they deliver that it would be impossible to fail.

I can’t wait to hit the ground running with all this knowledge and be able to share it with others and help people with their financial road map.”

– Tina Keene, VIC

Before I’d even finished the training I’d signed up my first paying customer …

“Before I applied to be a Spending Planner I had considered life coaching (but I knew there was something missing) however I have a love for money management & this opportunity is an absolutely perfect combination.

So… I enrolled in the Spending Planner course in Brisbane!

Before I even finished the training I’d signed up my first paying customer and I have another appointment in a couple of days.”

– Erika, VIC


Being a Spending Planner is such a buzz …

“Being a Spending Planner is about the best way to live your vocational life.  Since graduating in April of 2016 from the Spending Planners Institute, I have had some wonderful experiences helping clients develop their own Spending Plans.  Listen to what Jacqui from New South Wales had to say:

“I look forward to working with you, achieving great results.  I wish I had discovered you years ago!  I was not sure what to expect when we had our first interview, but your professional and easy going nature had me realising pretty quickly that there was a manageable solution, and all I had to do was follow your recommendations of how to balance all finances out and quickly get into addressing any debt that was pulling me backwards.  Having taken a huge salary drop, you made me realise fairly quickly, it is all about learning to manage what you have first, regardless of the amount.  Simple steps, broken down, made it all appear much more doable and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Within a couple of sessions we had a clear and realistic plan to get back on top of things and that feeling is priceless  … You have been absolutely fantastic getting things sorted and a complete pleaser and fun to work with.  Thanks for your patience.  I know our results will be great.  Thanks for your focus.  Thanks again for your amazing help and coaching and getting things sorted.”

With feedback like this, the whole experience of being a Spending Planner is such a buzz.  I know it is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my vocational life.  Hey, I am 60 this year.  What other way could you start a whole new career at the time when others are thinking about putting their feet up and opting out.  No way!  I love the Spending Planner lifestyle.

– Dr Lance Alan Box, PhD (Education), CSP

I am finding that more people are coming to me, rather than I going to them … 

“This was my busiest week by FAR….. After me concentrating on “getting my name/business out there” (rather than trying to find new clients)….. I am finding that more people are coming to me, rather than I going to them…
This week I have had 4 new client appointments. One signed up on the spot, the others are pending – but are still keen…… I have another one tomorrow afternoon (yes, a Saturday – only day we could both do)…
I have had an Accountant and a Mortgage Broker both approach me for referrals… I have been pursued by a guy who wants to be my “Business Coach”… I have been offered a “Contracting Job” with a Guy who does Financial Coaching…. I said I could only do 2 days a week and he is happy with that…. Then! One of my clients has reached her 6 months renewal and decided to invite me over for lunch today, to celebrate… she kept going on (and on and on) about how I have changed her life and how differently everything in her life is… She is a nurse and has even been approached by another hospital about a great role/promotion… it is $40,000 pa more than she earns now! She raves about myself AND the software and how it has “saved her life”… I talked to her about doing a small video one day – and we will…..
I also went to a Networking Breakfast where the first 2 people I chatted to responded with “I need your help, can I have a card?”….. I have emailed them this week too!
It is all go here at Spending Made Easy… I have loved this week.
Sorry for the long post, but you did ask! 🙂
Onwards and upwards!
Have a great weekend All.”
Sam 🙂

A new future of whatever I want it to become … 

“Before receiving the Spending Planner Training I was looking for a new career and a way to replace my existing income. I love helping people but didn’t know how to use this to earn a good income.

During the training we were trained in all areas of a business model that has developed my confidence and belief that I can easily create a new path for myself.

At the conclusion of the training I am now ready and equipped to begin my new venture as a Certified Spending Planner, with a new future of whatever I want it to become.

Thank you for the freedom.”

– Bronwyn Banfield, WA

I Already Have Appointments Lined Up …

“I was looking for a career change, something that would be helping people, something I was passionate about and if it could be my own business that would have been a bonus.

I have just completed the Spending Planner Certification Course and feel super prepared to be running my own business as a Spending Planner. I already have appointments lined up this week and I am really excited about sharing what I have learnt and helping others. Thanks David and Jennie (and Tonia and Darelle).”

– Kirsty Carroll, QLD

Read what the first customer of one of our freshly trained Spending Planners had to say after a few weeks …

“My husband  and I would never have achieved this. And in the 47 years I’ve been alive I have never once had any clarity about where my money goes or how to stop it haemorrhaging out of my bank account.

You and this program managed to get me to that space in a few weeks. I’m even starting to look forward to being more frugal. My husband is a good help there.

When I look back on my goals I’ve had since graduating from uni – the only one I haven’t achieved is saving for a house deposit – or even to just stop spending  ridiculous amounts of money on clothes I don’t wear

I (now) feel really positive. I honestly can’t see myself returning to old spending behaviours – early days but I feel good…”

(Name withheld)