NEWSFLASH: No matter which lender you go with, all loans are basically the same! You are charged interest and you make repayments.

Different lenders promote their loans as being better than the others but the reality is a loan is a loan.

When you apply for a loan you must declare what you earn and what you spend.

It can take you hours to gather all the facts and figures that the lender requires for the application process.

BUT once your loan is approved (and here’s the really painful bit),

all the information you took hours to dig up goes in the bin!

You get a handshake, the money, and 30 years hard labour!

(Oh and good luck managing your finances, paying your bills, and having a great life!)

What makes our home loans the best is not the loans (they’re all basically the same). Live Well Home Loans are simply amazing because of what we do with the information you painstakingly collected for your loan application.

Instead of dumping that information at the end of the process, we feed it into Australia’s #1 Personal Cash-flow planning software, and show you how the information you submitted for the loan application can generate an extremely powerful personal money plan that will make money management a breeze, bill paying much easier, and help you to Live Well  for years into the future.

Our clients often have a strong desire to focus on one of the following…

  • Overcome ‘Cost of Living’ pressures
  • Accelerate debt reduction.
  • Secure ‘first home finance’ sooner.
  • Grow their ‘Life Happens’ fund to negate life’s bigger little surprises.
  • Lifestyle choices such as taking a Family Holiday, buying a New Car, a Swimming Pool or any number of other goals.

We help them to do this using our unique and powerful software system!

Remember, there is GOLD in the information you gather for your home loan application so why not stake a claim now!

We help you to use your income and expense information to generate a unique ‘crystal ball’ view that looks into your financial future to create the life you really want while paying off your home loan at a speed that suits your plans for your future. Here is your opportunity to secure the loan you want, for the home you want, with the opportunity to Live Well well into the future.

We’ve been doing money planning for over a quarter of a century so you can be confident we know our stuff and we’re on your side.