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By Becoming a Spending Planner You Join a Team of Enthusiastic People Who Are United By a Passion to Help People Take Control of Their Day-To-Day Finances

Whether you are a Financial Services provider who is frustrated by the ever tightening grip of red-tape and legislation that has made it exceedingly difficult for your current industry to effectively deliver meaningful benefits to your clients, or someone who has never been in business before but you’re looking for a way to break free from your ‘wage earner’ frustrations and routine, there are lots of reasons why becoming a Certified Spending Planner with the Spending Planners Institute makes a lot of sense (and generating a decent income is only one of them)!

Spending Planners follow a proven system to generate life changing outcomes for their clients

If you were to give most Australian families a financial health check you would have to agree that the industries that have been available to provide financial services up until now have failed miserably – not because they do not provide a quality service, but because the service they provide is not what most people need to succeed with money on a day to day level.

Many middle-income families have never even bothered to seek advice from a Financial Planner because they find themselves living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

Mortgage Brokers play a vital role in helping people purchase a home or other investment, but they are not in a position to help families get to the point where they actually qualify for a home loan, or to help them stay in control while making their home loan payments for the next 20 or 30 years after they do qualify.

Accountants are plentiful, but once again they are not in a position to deliver life changing financial outcomes to middle-income Australian families. They primarily service businesses.

Spending Planners fill the massive void that previously existed between Debt Counsellors and Financial Planners.

Nobody has financial difficulty on purpose, but something like 80% of the population suffers from financial stress on a regular basis regardless of that fact.

Becoming a Spending Planner allows you to become part of the answer. This is a new industry that will give you the opportunity to experience customer satisfaction at its best. When a client tells you their life changed dramatically in a positive way because of the work you did for them you will know you are in the right place at the right time.

The Spending Planners Institute’s mission is to “Change the World One Family at a Time”.

There is a saying that says, “When debt comes in the door, love goes out the window”. Most people who have been through a marriage break-up will tell you it started with money problems and escalated from there.

We firmly believe that by removing money stress from the lives of the families using our proven system, we will reduce the number of broken homes, which in turn will reduce the number of children who go off the rails, which in turn will lead to a reduction in the use of drugs and alcohol by young people and we will see a measurable change in our communities as a result.

If being a part of that mission appeals to you and you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Spending Planner, we recommend you click on the link below to view the course details:

With all the changes occurring in the financial services industry there has never been a better time for finance professionals to look towards Spending Planning as a great add-on to their current business.

Banks continue to tighten their lending policies and criteria, and regulatory bodies are asking for much more proof that advice given was in a client’s best interest. More than ever before all the i’s must be dotted and the t’s must be crossed.

Proof that a client can afford and continue to pay for financial products is required, if not at the time of a sale, definitely when a complaint is made.

These changes have added a significant workload in many financial service businesses, adding to the overheads but not to the revenue generated.

By adding Spending Planning to your business you provide an additional service that will generate additional revenue, and at the same time deal with a lot of the additional regulatory requirements referred to above.

Your clients will be delighted with the benefits that having a Spending Plan will bring them and experience shows that they will want all of their friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to experience the same outcomes you brought to them, and all the while you will be better preparing them to be clients in your mainstream business.

It really is a win-win outcome that you need to explore further and embrace. We
would love you to take your interest to the next level and complete a no obligation application form.

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“I gained seven clients in my first five weeks and with the demand by Aussies to seek financial assistance, who would benefit greatly with this program, ensures I will never be out of work again.”

Morgan Alberts

“I absolutely LOVE my new ‘job’ and clearly people need this service, big time! I signed up 10 clients in my first four weeks of business, and am now exploding with the possibilities.”

Anthea Falkiner, NSW

“I built my business really quickly and was able to achieve my real goal of profit and helping people in my first month!”

Tonia Thielmann, QLD

“In our first month we have completed 7 sales and we haven’t even properly launched the program.”

Bree Handyside, QLD

“Before I even finished the training I’d signed up my first paying customer and I have another appointment in a couple of days.”

Erika, VIC