The Spending Planners Institute has developed a series of ‘Kids-n-Money‘ resources that are available to parents through Certified Spending Planners. These resources are a great help to parents in educating their kids about money.

We want to ensure that not only do we help the current generation to succeed with money through the services we provide, but that we also help them to help the next generation in living a good life without money stress as well.

Most parents find it difficult to find the time to teach their kids about money, let alone think about ‘what’ to teach them. ‘Kids-n-Money‘ gives parents a complete set of  topics to focus on so it’s easy for them to teach their kids about money.

Spending Planners have access to all the Kids-n-Money resources and are keen to share them with parents. In the past, parents who wanted to teach their kids about money were on their own. With the release of Kids-n-Money, that has now all changed!

If you teach your kids what they need to know about money when they are in your care, they will be much more likely to succeed where they might otherwise have failed without that guidance.

As a parent (or grandparent), with the Institute’s help, you can now do a lot to ensure your child’s financial success.

There is nothing more rewarding than to know you gave your kids the best start in life you possibly could. They will be forever grateful for your having taken the time to teach them what they need to know about money!

Kids-n-Money is just another reason why people with the right skills and passion want to become part of the team of Certified Spending Planners. supported by the institute.

To find out more about becoming a Certified Spending Planner use the link below.