Welcome to Step 7.

It’s time to enter as many of your lower priority transactions (your ‘walk’ & ‘run’ transactions), into the Bills account in the Spending Planner software as you can comfortably fit in.

If you do not have room to add any additional transactions right now, you should be able to see when you will be able to, so that will give you a tangible goal to work towards, knowing that there are better times ahead.

Many people find they have to go through a ‘catch-up’ period before they can start adding in more of the less essential, lower priority transactions they want to include. However, when they do get to add them in, they do so without creating the financial stress that came with them previously.

If you are able to enter additional transactions now, you already know how to do that from your work in Step 4 where we entered your ‘Essentials’ so go ahead and enter Yellow highlighted transactions from your list and then if you still have the income to do so, start entering Green highlighted transactions.

You can keep adding additional transactions until the graph on your Dashboard tells you your surplus income is so low you would consider it to be risky if you entered more.

When you have finished this step we need to set another appointment similar to the one we had for Step 5 so we can see if these new transactions will fit comfortably into your Spending Plan, make any changes you think might make the plan better and talk about what happens next.

Please email me with 3 possible times to go over your plan in the next week when you have completed this step, or just phone me to make a time that suits both of us.

Warm Regards
David Wright
Your Spending Planner

0408 989 494