There is a small ($10) monthly subscription fee to access this software. The fee will apply for as long as you choose to use the Spending Planner software. Many current users started using an early version as far back as 2002, and are still finding it to be an essential part of their money planning 20 years on.

CLICK HERE to set up your subscription.

Once you have set up your subscription payment we will send you your log-in details (done manually so not instantly).

In the meantime, please watch the following video showing how to set up your (Bank) Accounts in the Spending Planner software.:

Setting up your Accounts:

You will also find the following very short videos helpful in getting familiar with the software menu.

and Settings:     
Account List:                 
Loan Calculator:           

Once you’ve viewed the videos and we have emailed to say we have created your user account, you can log in and set up your bank accounts.

Log in to Spending Planner by going to

Your Username is the e-mail address you used to set up your subscription.

Your temporary password is spi-password. Once you have signed in please change your password straight away.

Once completed, please CLICK HERE to progress to step 4

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