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Pinterest for Beginners: Let’s get pinning! (03/10/18) > CLICK HERE

Take a Comment / Review and use it to promote your business and/or yourself… (02/10/18) > CLICK HERE[/vc_column_text][vc_separator border_width=”2″][vc_column_text]

Some little hacks for creating Customised Artwork (27/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Turn your tips into Blog posts. All platforms. Turn a simple 1-2 sentence tip into a 400 word article to use on all your platforms and your newsletter (26/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Twitter – what is it good for? (24/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Canva image resizing walk through (22/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Let’s Review again! LinkedIn  Profile photo, cover photo, summary of your business, summarise skills utilised in previous roles. VIP: customise your LinkedIn account name, via the Edit public profile & URL button at the top right of your profile (21/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Let’s Review again! Instagram (20/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Let’s Review again! Facebook! Beginner: cover, profile, Our Story, About page.… (17/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Facebook Group Call Outs: Posts from people or for people who could benefit from your skills – responses, people tagged you, you’ve found it, etc. (14/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Create a Cheat Sheet – applies to all platforms (13/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Doing Facebook Live ‘on-the-hop’ & things to remember for your phone (10/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Facebook Live or Video Meetings – Lighting Options you can create at home/office (06/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Facebook: A Growth Hack for your Business Page (05/09/18) > CLICK HERE

Content Creation and recognising what to talk about (04/09/18) > CLICK HERE

What day do you work in your business? What day do you work on your business?
What day do you work on you / family / fun / recovery? (03/09/18) > CLICK HERE

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Be sure to be adding your lengthy content to Pinterest: Blogs, Articles, E-Books, lead captures, etc. (31/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Instagram Stories – using the TYPE option for announcements – for Intermediate users (28/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Use Facebook’s photo post features for eye-catching engagement – Beginners: Slideshow; Advanced: Carousel or canvas (27/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Newsletters or Emails for Events (22/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Another thing about your Newsletter (21/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Key Elements of an E-Newsletter (21/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Facebook Group or Business page posts to create reactions and engagement and hopefully comments (20/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Creating a private Facebook Group for your clients (17/08/18)  > CLICK HERE

Attending an Event (16/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Creating a mini social strategy for your daily activities – for all social platforms (13/08/18) > CLICK HERE

Shared Links (9/8/18) > CLICK HERE

Sharing a Third Party Link (8/8/18) > CLICK HERE

Meetup Info (6/8/18) > CLICK HERE

Instagram (3/8/18) > CLICK HERE

Hashtags (1/8/18) > CLICK HERE

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Instagram – 3 Quick Tips (31/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Instagram (30/7/18) > CLICK HERE

LinkedIn Images (27/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Images (24/7/18) > CLICK HERE

The use of Colour in Digital Marketing (19/7/18) > CLICK HERE

LinkedIn (17/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Different types of Content (16/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Give people the place to visit from your personal Facebook account (13/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Profile Photo and Cover Photos (12/7/18) > CLICK HERE

Facebook – your “About” Menu (11/7/18) > CLICK HERE