Woo-Hoo! Now you’ve entered your Essential Expenses into ‘Spending Planner’ it’s time to turn that information into a ‘first draft’ Spending Plan. This will allow you to get a sneak preview into your future and make decisions about what else you would like to fit into your plan right now.

You will also be able to see clearly what needs to happen next.

We need to set up a time to view your plan together so I can go over everything with you and make sure it’s all as it should be. I can then assist you in interpreting what the Spending Plan is telling you and help you identify what else should be added to your plan to give you your optimum possible outcome right now.

Once you’ve settled on what your first spending plan will look like, we’ll move into phase 2 where I begin monitoring your progress and help you fine-tune the plan but we’re not quite ready for that yet.

In preparation for our planning session there is a video I would like you to watch so that you have a good understanding of what we will be doing, why we will be doing it that way, and the ideal outcome we will be looking for from the planning session.

Please CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Action: – After watching the video can you please send me an email with three possible timeslots in the next week that would work for you, or just phone 1300 918 450 and we’ll schedule a session that works for both of us.

We’ll need to allocate up to an hour and a half for this although it may well take less.

I’m really excited for you and looking forward to this next step.

Warm Regards
David Wright
Your Spending Planner