Spending Planning - The Next Big Thing

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Discover How Following A Proven Business Model in Becoming A Spending Planner will allow you to enhance your current business, improve client retention, increase referrals, add significantly to the lifetime value of each customer, and create customer loyalty beyond your dreams.


With the Financial Services Industries in Australia being seriously shamed at the Banking Royal Commission, now is a really great time for the good guys in these industries to be looking at adding something that is related to what they have been doing, but very fresh and different, that is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, utilising the skills and experience they already have, to bring significant positive change to the lives of their existing clients and those they previously could not help.

If you are one of these ‘Good Guys’, Spending Planning will almost certainly tick all the boxes as to why you got into your current profession and it will undoubtedly also fall into line with the recommendations expected to come out of the Royal Commission. Get on the front foot and find out how Spending Planning has the potential to transform your business, your client’s lives and add significant additional revenue to your bottom line.

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