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Saturday 13th July 2019


Adina Hotel Apartments,

138 Barrack St, Perth


A substantial Morning and Afternoon Tea will be served.

Continuous Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Lunch is not provided.


Saturday 13/7/2019

Registration at 8:30am

9:00am – 5:00pm – Training Sessions, including breaks for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.

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Your sales trainer for the day will be Anne Whatley-Dale.

Anne started out in business as a Health Consultant with no sales experience. As a ‘professional’ she was adamant that she did not sell anything!

To her (at that time), selling was something unqualified people did.

She now finds it hard to believe she was so naïve…

Her ‘aha’ moment came when a fitness industry sales consultant, sent by his boss to see how she could do so well at selling if she never ‘sold’ anything, overheard her present a program to a prospective participant.

He asked, “Where did you learn to sell like that?”

Horrified, she said, “I didn’t sell – I just talked about my program.”

He then proceeded to tell her that she’d done everything he’d ever been taught to do in numerous sales programs, yet here she was doing it straight off the cuff without any specific training?

She realised that her passion, enthusiasm and belief did the work for her and her communication skills helped too.

She also realised that she had a sales structure, born out of following what she saw as a natural progression of a conversation from start to finish. And she focused on building relationships right from the start…. Relationships without expectation of what the outcome would be.

Her approach was always “If I don’t talk to that person, they will miss out” and it went against the grain to not at least give someone a chance to say no – because at least they would have had the chance to say yes!

Business is built on relationships.

Anne’s selling program clients include MLC, Zurich, GM-Holden,  Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd, Mercedes-Benz, Sanitarium, MOSCA, SureBridge, Deloitte, and various other multi-nationals and SME’s across a range of industries.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn new skills and network with other local Spending Planners.

Learning new selling skills is the one thing that will allow you to achieve real business success, so don’t miss this opportunity!

What difference would it make to your Spending Planning business if you were easily able to sell your services all the time!

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