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If You Are A Finance Professional There Has Never Been a Better Time to Consider Something New!

Recent events have made it clear that now, more than ever before, there is an opportunity for people who have dedicated a big part of their lives to one of the financial service industries, to step into clear, uncluttered and unregulated space, to deliver the most important – yet largely ignored – financial service on the planet!

If you are a Financial Services provider frustrated by what’s been happening in your industry and the ever tightening grip of red-tape and legislation that is making it harder to do what you’re good at, there are lots of reasons why becoming a Certified Spending Planner – with the Spending Planners Institute – makes a lot of sense. Generating a decent income is only one of them.

David Wright (Founding Director of the Spending Planners Institute) started a part-time business doing what he then called ‘Budgets’ for people in the mid 1990’s. At the time he was told it would never work as a business model by Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants alike.

However, he didn’t take much notice of their warnings because he was doing it out of a passion he’d developed for helping people to take control of their day to day finances, rather than making money or creating a business model.

“I created a simple system that dramatically changed my life at a time when interest rates were sky high. I got so excited at the results I was experiencing, I simply wanted to share what I had discovered with other people!” recalls David.

“That was the beginning of a very interesting, exciting and rewarding life-journey for me that has seen me have a positive impact on the lives of well over 30,000 customers,” he continues.

Since that time, a lot has changed in the financial services industries, especially in Financial Planning and Mortgage Brokering. You undoubtedly already know about those changes, and without a doubt you’ve been affected by them too:

  • How much harder is it now to do what you did a few years ago?
  • How much harder is it to find clients who can afford or qualify for the loans and policies that used to be easy to get across the line?
  • How much extra work is involved in compliance, and how much less commission is being paid for the work you do? And how much more is the finger being pointed at you if a client ends up in financial difficulty? Not only are you now expected to take more responsibility when that happens, you are also more likely than ever before to have your commission clawed back years down the track!

You could be excused for being disillusioned with it all.

A lot has changed in the years since David Wright started creating his system now used by more than 30,000 users. Given all that has changed to mainstream financial services, the planets (and stars) have aligned to create the perfect storm for people who recognise an opportunity to do something new and rewarding.

With the help of a small, passionate and growing team of people, together a new industry has been created called ‘Spending Planning’.

There has been a gaping hole between Financial Counselling and Financial Planning for a long time. This industry fills that gap.

‘Spending Planning’ provides the foundation stone that other financial services can incorporate into their already existing service provision or as a complimentary, profitable and attractive business model independent of another model.

David’s years of persistence and passion for helping others has become a valid business model. There has never been a better time for finance professionals (and others) to consider the benefits of joining the Institute and becoming a Certified Spending Planner. Here’s why:

  • Compliance and regulations have made traditional financial services much less attractive
  • There are few compliance or regulatory restrictions in this space
  • People are much more conscious of the need to take control of their money
  • People are in more financial pain now than they have been for a long time
  • Technology automates what was previously tedious and time consuming
  • Your clients do most of the work
  • The Spending Planner service allows you to get paid to deliver what new legislation requires, rather than having an additional burden on your business
  • You can be up and running in weeks
  • You will have some key requirements already in place as a financial service provider to launch the new service.

Two more reasons why now will always be the perfect time to become a Spending Planner, are more personal. They are:

  • The goosebumps you get when your client tells you the difference you have made in their lives – nothing else you could do, could have such a positive impact so quickly
  • Your clients will get you more clients. Every user who has their lives changed by Spending Planners refers more than you ever thought possible – meaning more work for your financial services business, making this new profitable income stream via Spending Planner activities, the perfect complimentary revenue stream for you.

A common issue in the financial industry is that potential clients are often not ready to do business with you. With your Spending Planner service, you will have the solution to connect them with where they are at and where they need to be, for you to do business with them via your traditional financial services.

You get to provide two services rather than none, and in the process gain referrals to their friends, family and colleagues as well!

It really is a win-win outcome.

To find out more about how you can add the Spending Planner service to your business or to start from the beginning, complete a no-obligation application form by clicking the button below.

Are you thinking to yourself: “This sounds too good to be true”?

If you are, you’ll want to know how it works and how long until you are up and running.

If you are already a financial service provider, there is little for you to do regarding being business ready.

The institute runs weekend training workshops where in three short days you learn all you need to know about adding the Spending Planning system to your business. Part of that training relates to learning how to use our specialised web-based Spending Planner software which is simple to use and easy to learn. You will have access to this vital business tool, enabling you to create and manage your clients with ease.

Starting a business is usually not easy, but regardless of whether you are thinking this could be an add-on to an existing business or a total change of direction, you will find the amount of work involved in launching is small, and it will make any other previous business start-up seem so difficult in comparison!

Financial Services Professional Scott Graham talks of how the Spending Planner
service has been included into his business and is assisting his clients.

With all the changes occurring in the financial services industry there has never been a better time for finance professionals to look towards Spending Planning as a great add-on to their current business.

Banks continue to tighten their lending policies and criteria, and regulatory bodies are asking for much more proof that advice given was in a client’s best interest. More than ever before all the i’s must be dotted and the t’s must be crossed.

Proof that a client can afford and continue to pay for financial products is required, if not at the time of a sale, definitely when a complaint is made.

These changes have added a significant workload in many financial service businesses, adding to the overheads but not to the revenue generated.

By adding Spending Planning to your business you provide an additional service that will generate additional revenue, and at the same time deal with a lot of the additional regulatory requirements referred to above.

Your clients will be delighted with the benefits that having a Spending Plan will bring them and experience shows that they will want all of their friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to experience the same outcomes you brought to them, and all the while you will be better preparing them to be clients in your mainstream business.

It really is a win-win outcome that you need to explore further and embrace. We would
love you to take your interest to the next level and complete a no obligation application form.

Spending Planners fill the massive void that previously existed between Debt Counsellors and Financial Planners.

Nobody has financial difficulty on purpose, but something like 80% of the population suffers from financial stress on a regular basis regardless of that fact.

Becoming a Spending Planner allows you to become part of the answer. This is a new industry that will give you the opportunity to experience customer satisfaction at its best. When a client tells you their life changed dramatically in a positive way because of the work you did for them you will know you are in the right place at the right time.

The Spending Planners Institute’s mission is to “Change the World One Family at a Time”.

Participating in our mission or finding out more about becoming a Spending Planner is easy. We recommend you click on the links below to view course details or to apply directly:

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“I gained seven clients in my first five weeks and with the demand by Aussies to seek financial assistance, who would benefit greatly with this program, ensures I will never be out of work again.”

Morgan Alberts

“I absolutely LOVE my new ‘job’ and clearly people need this service, big time! I signed up 10 clients in my first four weeks of business, and am now exploding with the possibilities.”

Anthea Falkiner, NSW

“I built my business really quickly and was able to achieve my real goal of profit and helping people in my first month!”

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“In our first month we have completed 7 sales and we haven’t even properly launched the program.”

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“Before I even finished the training I’d signed up my first paying customer and I have another appointment in a couple of days.”

Erika, VIC